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everything goes so smoothly, the chemistry is so strong, the desire to see him naked and make out with him (right at that bar stool) is so intense, you can barely fight it.The best part about those wonderful dates, apart from renewing your faith in the male species, is that they open up the possibility of a relationship longer than a few drinks or a few dates.Whoever said relationship milestones are moments like the first kiss and first sleepover are filthy liars.Those milestones are natural moments when you’re hitting it off with someone, however the only real relationship milestones that matter are those that there are no cute little signs for.That means everything from arousal to what you like to do to one another to finding the best times to have sex together.""Most people avoid conflict for as long as possible when they first get together, but I look at it as a good thing," Dr. "Experiencing some conflict in the first six weeks will give you an opportunity to see how you negotiate disagreements." The most stressful thing about your relationship right now is how often you get to see one another and where you're going away for your first romantic getaway as a couple, but if you're going to make it in the long run, you're going to experience much more stressful situations."Knowing how your partner processes stress is important to know sooner in the relationship versus later," Van Kirk says. Does he listen to you when you need to vent without berating you with advice?But that’s boring, and really not an actual relationship moment. Meme tagging Whacking on Facebook that you’re in a relationship with someone is soooo 2008. Exercising together Seeing each other leaving bum sweat patches on the bikes at the gym is more important than seeing each other naked. But an actual conversation about stuff like Great British Bake Off and how to unclog your bathroom drain. Brutal honesty If you can’t be honest with the person you love, then who can you be honest with? Discussing toilet habits Not habits like how many times a day do you pee, but the really important stuff about pooing and farting. No offence, ever Even if you throw up on their favourite teddy, or they tell you that your special yorkshire puddings taste like clay there is never any offence taken. Because you love each other and you’re in a real grown up relationship.

You need to have the information about how things will be for you both sexually.

Your object of desire is laden with fantasies and projections. That's why I always say to myself, to my friends, and to you, single people, check in after three months and tell me how great the new person you're dating is.

I think it takes about three months to strip away the layers and start to see this person for who they really are. " The more and less obvious discoveries about another are made in that three-month period. Do they want to hang out once a week or six times a week and does that mesh with what you want? If everything is still coming up roses, maybe I'll dance a jig with you.

"Do they work out, lose themselves in TV, or self soothe with weed? Do you value his opinion and does he respect yours?

Figure out if you can put up with whatever they do and if they take it out on you."Clever conversation, flirty text messages, and proclamations of love are all fine and dandy, but how do you really discuss how you feel? Of all the things that keep a relationship healthy, being able to talk is at the top of the must-haves.

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Whirlwind romances were all the rage for me in 1997, but I'm older and wiser now ... The first three months of knowing someone is a time of illusions. You need those three months to gather the data you need to decide if you want this person in your life for the next three months.

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  1. He started to say all the right things and do the right things, and this is where I could easily get sucked back into the relationship and have to go through all the stages again just to get back to this point. And the more time I had away from him, the more I realized what a complete loser he was.