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“We had 503 people show up at the cemetery to put out 8,000 flags,” said a Fred Moore, a Navy and Marine Corps veteran who founded Flags for Vets.

It's done out of honor for those who have died in past wars and those who have died more recently.

The flags, while visually beautiful, are also a somber reminder of our deceased loved ones who proudly served our country.

Some of the flags date all the way back to the Civil War.

They will be part of a group of 12 finalists, from which a recommendation will be made to the City Council next spring.

"There are common themes, even though they're so different," Lee Herold, a flag design consultant with the Rochester Flag Committee, said of the entries.

“I have a great appreciation for the fact that a lot of people didn't come home,” Moore said.

“And in these last few years with Iraq and Afghanistan we've added another 4,000 to the list.’ Moore invited the public to take a knee to pray and give thanks at the graves of the unknown soldiers.

A flag can only fly at half-mast when it is aboard a ship, because only a ship has a mast. [Read More…] Posted on November 10, 2017 "Wayne Obermiller has seen stars and stripes all his life. From an early age he hoped to someday fly a star-spangled banner of his own. [Read More…] Posted on November 9, 2017 "If you see the lawn of Truckee Meadows Community College covered in red, white, and blue -- it's for a good cause.

In fact, for a span of 10 days earlier this year, not a single visitor to the Nebraska Capitol noticed that the flag had been hoisted upside down — not even state Sen. "It took someone drawing it to my attention before it was changed," he told the Legislature's Executive Board in January, according to the Omaha World-Herald. Generally, a flag flies on that tall, skinny thing sticking out of the ground or mounted atop a public building. So when the nation is in mourning, the flag is flying at half-staff. But I remember thinking to myself at that time, "How often does that happen? As a child, his family -- nearly all of whom served in a branch of the U. military at some point -- flew a small 3-by-5 foot U. Decades later, Obermiller, now 69, has realized that dream in a big way. He plans to make a 365-day commitment to commemorating veterans and celebrating the symbolism of the American flag outside his home at 901 N. November 6 kicked off Veteran's Week on the Dandini Campus in north Reno.

An awkward situation, to be sure — but the flap over the flag also drew his attention to something else: Is the official flag really such a muddle that the average observer can't tell its top from its bottom? The flag at the park, the flag at city hall or the flag at the Capitol building would all be flying at half-staff — not half-mast — when the nation is in mourning. Starting this Veteran's Day weekend, he'll fly not one, but 11 flags, including a 9-foot-by-12-foot U. The Truckee Meadows Veterans Club is celebrating the Marine Corps birthday and the more than 700 student veterans that attend the community college.

Due to its use by the apartheid government, the flag has become symbolic for racist attitudes of that era.

Unfortunately, a few have made an appearance today.

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