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There are a lot of motivators for people not to use condoms.” Status disclosure: Beyond the positive/negative identity Pr EP is a popular alternative for people reluctant or unable to consistently use condoms.Rarely heard of in the gay community just three years ago, it is now a frequent discussion.Since the advent of HAART, most HIV-positive people who are on it are able to suppress their viral load to undetectable levels, drastically reducing the likelihood of transmission.

“I grew up in a conservative farm town,” says Eric, a student in San Francisco. I didn’t know anything about what being positive actually meant.” “I felt like, as a gay person, if I did not use a condom during sex, I would get AIDS and die,” says Michael, a project manager in Berlin.

“I got the social message that sex was going to kill me if I wasn’t careful about it,” says Seattle activist and author Evan Peterson.

His book, The Pr EP Diaries, comes out in spring 2017.

When properly used, it can almost completely prevent the transmission of HIV.

Truvada has been marketed to the gay male community because, in this country, gay men still have the highest rates of HIV.

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Because of Pr EP, what has been considered conventional wisdom for decades on hooking up, condoms, sex, safety and relationships is changing before our eyes.

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