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Creating a Backup using i Cloud Step 1: On your device, go to Settings, then i Cloud, then Backup (for i OS 8 or later) or Storage & Backup (for i OS 7 or earlier)Step 2: Click Backup Now. The backup which you created will appear along with its file size.Make sure that you are connected to Wi Fi without interruption to be able to back up your files completely. If i Cloud backup on your device is toggled on, it can automatically backup your contents everyday whenever your phone is connected to internet connection, your device’s screen is locked, when connected to charger and when there is still enough space in your i Cloud backup. Simply click File, then Devices, then click Transfer Purchases.To avoid any loss, make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection during the backup process.Check twice before deleting data to avoid confusion and make sure that you backup your files as often as possible.

I was recommended by my carrier themselves to restore the i Phone via i Tunes to get the carrier settings back.Below is the guideline of how to create a backup using i Cloud or i Tunes.Having a backup of your device lets you have the option to recover any content that you have lost or deleted.Step 4: After the completion, you can now view the backup files. You’ll see the name of your device along with the date and time when you created your backup.These are the two methods of backing your files up.

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