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A new dictionary of quotations from the Greek, Latin, and modern languages. into English, and occasionally accompanied with illustrations, historical, poetical, and anecdotal.

With an extensive index, referring to every important word. THE advantages of Books of ieference are now so universally acknowledged that it would be wholly superfluous to endeavor to recommend the present work by dwelling on its peculiar merits.

"If Christian nations," said SOAr ME JENYNS, "were nations of Christians, there would be no wars." "War is a game, which, were their subjects wise, Kings could not play at."-COWPER. I deem it to involve all others-violence, blood, rapine, fiaud; every thing that can deform the character, alter the nature, and debase the name of man."-Lo RD Ba ROUGHAM.

—"He who gives advice is not often troubled with a headache." A cour jefin. Fr.-" Against the grain; against one's will; with a bad grace." A cuspide corona. earned by military exploits: in other words, by legally blowing one's fellow-creatures' brains out, or running them through.

stand respectively for Greek, Iatin, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Proverb. Fr.-"Down, down with." "With audacious and fearful siioerity do these hungry hordes inscribe on their banners two watchwords, destructive alike of domestic and political society, \A bas la famille, Down with family!

"By trimming fools about the gill, A barber's'prentice learns his skill." A bas.

prov.-" A precipice in front of you, and wolves behind you, in your rear." Go forward, and fall: go backward, and mar all. Fr.-"Immoderately, to or in an immoderate degree." " A poor pleasantry, by the help of some ludicrous turn, or expression, or association of ideas, may provoke cachinnation [roars of laughter] ci gorge dptloyde," that is, szfficient to split the sides. Fr.-" At great expense; very expensively." Sumptuously. Fr.-" In the street,the open air." A la bonne heure! But it is idle to dwell on such trifles: we observe them merely as tokens and harbingers; the leaves fall before the tree dies! The second is the quia [because], wherein the cause is proved from a remote effect —as that plants do not breathe because they are not animals; or, that there is a GOD from the works of the creation. —"Misfortune is good for something, is not always an evil, is not always thrown away."'Tis an ill wind that blows nobody luck. A quoi bon tant barguigner, et tant tourner autour du pot? Lat.-" Behind; at one's back; in the rear." A tort et a droit.

prov."A close mouth catcheth no flies." i grands frais. prov.-" In addressing a man of distinguished rank, express yourself in few words, as briefly as possible." A gusto. Fr.-" The lion is known by his paw." A la barba de pazzi, il barbier impara a radere. prov." A barber learns to shave by shaving fools." Ai la belle etoile. 9 men obliged to wear bags, and laced coats, and swords-all much more useless, if there can be degrees in inutility-than the prohibited hoops? The phrase is often used to signify, comprehensible; understuandable by everybody, every one; intelligible to every one. The schoolmen distinguished them into the propter quod [on account of which], wherein an effect is proved from the next cause-as when it is proved that the moon is eclipsed, because the earth is then between the sun and the moon. prov.-" Capon comes to him who eats capon."-Spend, and G01) will send. —"At a round table there's no dispute about place." A tergo.

—"A good bone does not always come to a good dog." Merit seldom meets with its reward.

Fr.-" Men learn to shave on the chin of a fool."-They like to make experiments at the expense of ~hers.

This must be understood ironically in English, as the French proverb is said when one has, has had, or is likely to have, an opportunity of resenting an injury. Travelers, they say, often draw the long bow [indulge in exaggeration]." A bis et a blanc. prov.-" By fits and starts." A bolza vazia, e a casa acabada, faz o home sesudo, mas tarde. prov.-"An empty purse, and a new house, make a man wise, but too late." A bon appetit il ne faut point de sauce. Fr.-"To a good cat a good rat; tit for tat; set a thief to catch a thief." The parties are well matched, well met.

de Valmy calls them, are not the modes by which any thing can be obtained from us; and that honor as well as policy will be best consulted by civiler manners and a more friendly spirit."? Lat.-" From his office [the discharge of his A NEW DICTIONARY OF QUOTATIONS.

—" From the beginning; from the very beginning; the very first." "His proceedings were ill founded ab initio." Ab integro. England has shownwe trust, to the satisfaction of Europe-assuredly to the approbation of her own conscience-how well we can keep our temper, under severe provocation; but for the future quiet of our lives, we must endeavor to convince our irascible neighbors that wanton provocations and appeals'ab irato,' as M. WE use the expression to signify, From the beginning to the end of any thing. Lat.-" Pupil, one who receives literary food, mental nourishment, food for the mind." An alumnus of University College, King's College. a vfoc, flower: utn-dying-flower, a-mar-anth: That the one was taken from the other, there can be no doubt. Fr.-"A lover of any particular pursuit or system." "It must always be, to those who are the greatest amateurs or even professors of revolutions, a matter very hard to prove, that the late French government was so bad, that nothing worse, in the infinite devices of men, could come in its place."-BURKE. " Reason for doubt, doubting." Ambiguum pactum contra venditorem interpretandurn est. Law maxim.-"An ambiguous deed or contract is to be expounded against the seller or grantor." Thus if a man has a warren in his lands, and grants the same land for life, without mentioning the warren, the grantee will have it with the land. Ital.-"Personal ambition; desire to attain a position of eminence, a distinguished position." Ambulances.

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prov.-" Shameless craving must have shameful nay." A bon entendeur ii ne faut que demie parole. A bon entendeur peu de paroles, or, A bon entendeur salut. prov.-" To a good, an attentive, hearer, but few words are necessary." A word to the wise. Fr.-"God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb." A cade va, chi troppo alto sale. prov.-"Hasty climbers have sudden falls." A capite ad calcera.

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