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Some arrived in the United States with little money, minimum education, and few job skills, which forced them to take low-wage jobs and settle in deteriorating urban neighborhoods.

Others came with family savings, education and skills far above the levels of average Americans.

This route is particularly relevant to those with limited education, few marketable job skills, and little familiarity with the larger labor market.

Professional occupations were also more common among Chinese Americans than among non- Hispanic whites (36 percent vs. The annual median family income for Chinese Americans was ,000 in 1989, compared to ,000 for the national median family.

As a result, low-skilled workers starting at the bottom may well be trapped there with little chance of upward mobility even when they work hard.

The second mode is incorporation into professional occupations in the mainstream economy through educational achievement.

Social mobility among Chinese Americans also vary because of tremendous socioeconomic diversity.

One pattern of social mobility is the time-honored path of starting at the bottom and moving up through hard work.

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