Intimidating interview questions

However, any company can decide to employ a group interview at any time during the hiring process.

SHRM reveals that group interviews are common in jobs that require dealing with the public and heavy customer interaction because of their highly stressful nature, and the fact that they require candidates to have the ability to think fast on their feet, keep their cool, and solve problems.

To embrace the group interview process as an opportunity to really differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd, it helps to understand the what’s, where’s and why’s of group interviews.

Group interviews involve bringing you into an interview with several other candidates who are vying for the same position.

For example, many companies use group interviews when selecting candidates for management training or rotational programs.

I have seen other organizations hold group interviews to staff up a new sales team or expand a customer service team — both scenarios with 5-10 open positions with the same requirements.

1) Group Activities – Activities usually involve groups of five or fewer candidates who are tasked with a specific problem to solve.

The goal is to see how you handle conflict and how well you work together even though you are competing for the same job.

In fact, more businesses and industries are beginning to adopt at least some degree of group interviews for the following reasons. Group interviews can be more cost effective than one-on-one interviews.3) Group Followed by Individual Interview — Some organizations will conduct the group activity and/or discussion and then meet with candidates individually to ask additional questions.Big Interview’s Pamela Skillings has helped her coaching clients prepare for a variety of group interview scenarios.The reality of going through such a non-traditional interviewing format is unnerving for many job candidates.But despite the fact that group interviews rattle many candidates, many employers find them appealing.

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