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There is evidence that "Ukrainian" was used in reference to those in modern western Ukraine, before 1350.

The map does not get into the nuances of this, and in the 1350, simply refers to these people as "Ukrainians", since they may or may not have been referred to as such during this time period.

So I did not attempt to show the precise borders of the Kingdom of Hungary for any given year.

Instead, I give an approximation of Hungarian borders throughout this 155 year time period.

As much as I remember after the golden days in 70's, things were only getting a lot, lot better by the end of the 80's.

Standard was peaking by the 1989 and nobody would ever go into war over economy at that time.

So I do gloss over many of the finer points in favor of giving the visitor a sense of how borders, people and events coalesced over time to bring the continent where it is today.

Hence why Poland was split between the two nations. Russians and Ukrainians are basically the same thing.

But one thing is clear, they were ancestral to modern Ukrainians.

I did intend for this map to be as accurate as possible, but as mentioned above, the primary aim is to give a broad-brushed, comprehensive view of the entire "political" history of Europe.

So Romanian language i repet is a Romanic language not a slav language Slavs are not ancestors to Romanians.

They are the only country in the region that is not Slavic, with a unique heritage, culture, and Latin language. I appreciate all of the comments, including the criticisms and the compliments.

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The map certainly shows that Germany and the USSR engaged in combat in 1941 (when Germany invaded USSR).

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