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His narration both in his own biographic note as well as in the foot note to the Gamakakriya raga gitam in the Prathamabhyasa Pustakamu bears this out.His Holiness Sri Sudarsana Mahadevendra Sarasvati was anointed as Peetadhipati/Pontiff on November 27, 1850 (tamil/lunar month of karthigai, 14 Anniversary of the Acharya’s ascension/peet Arohana as a Pontiff of the Kanci Kamakoti Peetam.The houses in Triplicane are of the same character as those in the back streets of Georgetown, insignificant in appearance and not more than two storeys in height. Penny1908 Madras Transit is further supported by the Reading Room: “a tactile installation of antiquarian books related to Madras, dating back to the mid-1800’s”, as Robert describes it, “The Reading Room encourages people to ‘Please Touch: Feel free to sit and read a while.’ An invitation to slow down, and drift into a literary world whose histories shaped the form of our present urban conditions.” Not only does this invite people to appreciate the history of the city, it offers them a sensory experience too – the way old libraries do, filled with tomes of books, exuding a musty smell that only a bookworm could truly appreciate.Their occupants are dhirzis, small shopkeepers, and dealers in wares from the north of India – the silks and stains of Indian make, embroidery, and gold thread.”On the Coromandel Coast Page 128-129Mrs. (3) The Roads April 2015SO2 – 15 ug / m3NO2 – 18 ug / m3RSPM – 86 ug / m3“I do not know anything more striking than the first approach to Madras.Apart from Subbarama Dikshitar, we have seen in past blog posts that there are a number of benefactors who have directly and indirectly assisted Subbarama Dikshitar when he compiled the SSP.The Royals of Ettayapuram who funded the publication, Cinnasvami Mudaliar the man who assiduously followed up to seek the intervention of the Raja of Ettayapuram to issue a Royal edict commanding Subbarama Dikshitar to publish all that he knew, the personages whom Subbarama Dikshitar mentions in his preface to the SSP as having been of great assistance to him, to them all we owe a great debt of gratitude as they were our benefactors in every conceivable way.As the city of Chennai turns 376 this year and prepares to celebrate this milestone with Madras Week, architect Robert D.Stephens’ exhibit Madras Transit opens at The Folly on the 22 August 2015.

The beach is crowded with people of all colours, whose busy motions at that distance make the earth itself seem alive.The public offices and store-houses which line the beach are fine buildings, with colonnades to the upper storeys, supported by rustic bases arched, all of the fine Madras chunam, smooth, hard and polished as marble.At the short distance Fort George, with its lines and bastions, the Government House and gardens, backed by St.It permeates everything, and penetrates through clothing to the very skin.It stains white material with which it comes in contact, just as powdered paint would stain it.

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