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A few years ago he was in a serious relationship that soured because he doesn’t want to have kids.

Honestly speaking, isn’t it true there are certain things about potential dating partners that you won’t accept? Don is a 38-year-old never married man who has accumulated vast dating experience.

Did you notice the comments from people who reacted to Ariely’s interview? For instance, a man named Mark said: “I think online dating is unsatisfying for most people because dating in general is unsatisfying for most people.” Think about all of your dating experiences: have most of them been satisfying or disappointing?

And, if you have online dating experience, did the outcome of those dates differ significantly from dates that came about in other ways?

The site has 4 million members and includes options for males seeking males and females seeking females. Watch CEO Noel Biderman get grilled by the hosts of (a person involved with a website that facilitates cheating makes an easy target).

He downplays the influence of the website by saying “Ashley didn’t invent infidelity.” Touché.

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What matters is that you know if you like it or you don’t. Being able to describe a person based on a set of characteristics isn’t very useful.

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