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Now that Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) is available at Windows Update for online update of both the XP Home Edition and XP Professional Edition platforms, you need to be prepared for the changes you’ll see as a result of the security controls XP SP2 installs and activates by default.A query of Microsoft's XP SP2 Knowledgebase articles posted during the past 2 weeks turned up a laundry list of installation and device-related bugs, information about the affects of the now disabled Alerter and Messenger services, problems related to the enabled firewall, third-party network backup, and other application problems.You administrative account language settings may be in other language then English.Changing temporarily to English and then updating may solve the problem.Better install your Office update without the Intel chipset update.Sometimes you may have problems with Language settings.

If everything else fails it is better to perform a repair install.After this was complete I then retried the Windows Update to update to SP2. When I try to activate the suite using any of the installed applications (word, excel, outlook or powepoint) I get the error “An unspecified error has occurred. For reference, the full path to where the file “Pro Plus WW.msi” is suppose to be is I have no idea what “Single Image WW.msi” is..In conclusion, I’d like to deduce from reading all the above forums and threads that “repair install of Office 2010” will maximum solve your SP2 update problems.Most of the times running Windows update is sufficient enough to renew your 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office 2010 with this KB2687455 update.But sometimes you may face problems in installing this update and I’m here to help in such a scenario. One user found 4 registry commands to implement in fixing this problem in the concerned knowledge article.

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