Red roses dating

Have any good flower-giving (or receiving) stories to share?

Numerous early cultures used red roses as decorations during marriage ceremonies.

Some offices are more okay than others about this sort of thing, so use common sense and don’t get her fired. Even if it’s not a date, you can still exercise the Happy Times Principle.

Make a run to the store on any flimsy excuse — dinner, beer, dry cleaning — and while you’re out, pick up some flowers!

This creates an association: “Flowers = Happy Times”.

Then, when you make her mad or get in a fight, you can buy her flowers to recall those happy times. Here are some Happy Times to consider giving flowers: on V-Day!

You could take this as far as you like, from just stopping by on her lunch break, all the way to a Flower Strip-o-Gram.

We'll show you how, what to look for, and where to get a bouquet for less than what you blow on lunch. After calling around for hours, you finally find one shop that still has a few straggly bouquets of roses left, and a dozen roses is only … Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just friendzies with bennies, you’re going to want to buy flowers, and not just on the big “V” Day. You can’t just give her flowers when you want something or when times get tough.

Early on, you need to set a precedent, by giving her flowers .

Many large cities, such as Los Angeles, have flower districts.

These are industrial blocks or neighborhoods where companies buy flowers wholesale, and most stores in these districts don’t mind selling flowers — at amazing prices — to you, the public.

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As you can see, in addition to the other virtues of buying flowers “just because,” it also makes economic sense, which can lead to even more Happy Times. (Red means “I love you”; white means “It didn’t mean anything, let’s just be friends.”; pink is somewhere in between red and white — both in color and in meaning.) But giving her roses is like writing her a poem that starts out “Roses are red, violets are blue…” Sweet, but obvious.

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