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Using fake accounts, criminals will initiate contact by messaging their potential victims.

Notice that the tone of their message is friendly, conversational, and inquisitive.

People behind sex chat modus operate and proliferate in Facebook, messengers, and other social sites.

The modus starts with a casual yet deceitful message.

You may be falling to their trap without you knowing it.

In the information age, children are early exposed to almost all technologies.

Admins are invisible in the sex chat room to monitor the room.

Our chat room have moderators chat 24/7 to make people safer, cleaner chat around.

Their innocence, combined with problems at home and inability to handle their emotions, is easily exploited by these criminals.

They might come across a few predators online, so be sure to give them proper guidance.

This along with our own compliance and monitoring will make a happy and safe chat for everyone.

A lot of you may be familiar with this modus and most of you may even know someone who’s already been a victim.

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