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Do's and Don't's It is strictly prohibited to destroy, deface, remove, alter or disturb any developed facility, natural formation, mineral deposit, historical or archeological feature, and vegetative growth. Protect recreation areas for other visitors and future generations.Cutting or gathering of trees or parts of trees and/or the removal of wood from a facility is prohibited without written permission of the Commission. Advertisement by company signs, billboards, markers, audio devices, handbills, circulars, posters or any other means whatsoever is prohibited without prior written permission of the Commission.A Park Ranger has the authority to evict an individual for twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days or thirty (30) days.A complete statement of the Commissions eviction policy, including an evicted persons right to appeal an eviction, can be obtained on request at the Headquarters of the Red River Waterway District 5941 Highway 1 Bypass, Natchitoches, Louisiana 71457.

Park Rangers may forbid individuals from coming into or upon or remaining in or upon the Commissions property if the individual is violating or has violated any provision of these Rules and Regulations or any law of the United States, State of Louisiana or parish and/or municipality where the property is located.

Boats, equipment and supplies will be considered abandoned when left unattended for more than three (3) consecutive days at which time the boat, equipment and supplies may be impounded at the expense of the owner of the boat, equipment and supplies.

The Commission may from time to time close ramps (for safety purposes) because of hazardous river conditions.

Animals No person shall bring or allow dogs, cats or other pets into a facility, unless penned, caged, on a leash under six (6) feet in length or otherwise physically restrained, without prior written permission of the Commission.

Animals and pets, except properly trained animals assisting the handicapped (such as seeing eye dogs) are prohibited in sanitary facilities.

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From Alexandria: Depart LA HWY 167 - Cottingham Expressway on to LA HWY 107. Turn left on LA HWY 1196, go 1.2 miles to Ben Routh Road, on the right, is the entry to the recreation area.

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