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The problem is that the only archeological finds around these walls, as of now, are dated as medieval.

These ages confirm previous estimates of the short duration of magmatism not only in the Noril’sk area but also for the larger Siberian Traps province.'To the east of these walls is a fairly wide passage, which is limited at the mountainside by another series of walls, oriented west-east across the Katun valley,' he said.There are nine walls adjacent to the mountain slope.So far archeological evidence of man from the areas around the walls points to a medieval presence yet the researcher from the 'Geophysics has clearly confirmed that the Souzga walls were artificially created,' he told The Siberian Times.'It is not very easy to determine the age of such constructions, when exactly were they created, but I believe it was around the first millennium BC - the beginning of new era.

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I know no way of judging the future but by the past .......... Scientists have always been trying to figure out how very large stones were moved and it would be interesting to see how large the in that wall.

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