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The report goes from room to room analyzing the potential of smart devices. The study further predicts 30 percent of relationships will start by online dating by 2026 and 40 percent by 2036.It says, for example, “A smart toilet would be perhaps the best indicator of a person’s health – providing data on nutrition, diet, and certain medical conditions.” Apparently, future suitors will have shed their concerns about TMI (too much information) in the smart future awaiting us. Tucked right in with those predictions is an estimated population growth rate of 1 percent, which doesn’t really relate to other figures in the report other than to lead one to reflect on the observations that, even with all the coupling assisted by smart tech data matching, the birth rate is expected to remain constant.Since the mass adoption of smart toilets isn’t expected till 2026 or later, we advise finding your mate sooner. The report concludes that smart tech will “alleviate” the problems of subjectivity and the second-guessing of survey questions in compatibility matching questionnaires.Future of Dating: 2016 predicts smart tech data will be used by 40 percent of online dating services in the U. Part of the matchmaking process is our personality test, based on the “Five Factor Model” of personality traits, one of the central concepts of psychology in use since the 1980s.Using this questionnaire tells us about what makes you unique and allows us to consider what you look for in a relationship View this at any time in your profile under “Personality Profile”.

Those who have not logged in for a while, or not contacted other members, are excluded from our matchmaking suggestions, even if they might match your profile and preferences well.

The remaining third focuses on your expectations of a partner and important socio-demographic criteria.

Your personal relationship goals are consequently noted closely when we offer suggestions.

Bela Gandhi is the Founder and President of the Smart Dating Academy, a top dating relationship coaching firm.

Bela has created a system to choose partners for long-term happiness, and her company provides singles with date coaching, communications skill training, image consulting and online dating consulting.

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