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Born on March 3, 1968 in Rinteln, Germany, Mr Rees' family had close connections with the army, where his father, Colin Rees, was a British Army surgeon and his wife Gill was a nurse.When he was 10 his family moved to Oswestry in Shropshire and attended Fitzalan School, where he met his future wife Sue Jones.

On the other hand if there was no-one else there apart from us, I conclude that it was Princess Diana as it was a female voice."These memories are vague and I myself doubt them but I'm mentioning them as these memories are coming back to me repeatedly."I am not part of a conspiracy to suppress the truth at all.He split from his first wife a few months before the crash and went on to marry his second wife, Ann Scott a teacher in 2003.Mr Rees has since set up a business as a security consultant and has been well enough to play for a local rugby side in north Wales.It's also the year Trevor Dawson, 16 years old, jumped from the roof of his high-school.Near the body was a note saying this was not his parents' fault and that he loved them and didn't regret anything.

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In 1994 the death was deemed a suicide, but the newly-found note indicates that the victim might have been fearing for his life.

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  1. The singer, whose own relationship issues with Drake—and even worse, Chris Brown—have been painfully public, received a message Twitter user @Walad Shami in which he asked her how she dealt with her first relationship bust up because his own was challenging.