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(19, page 72) While this remedy wasn't necessarily recommended for respiratory disorders, I would imagine a good draught of booze might take the edge off.If you drank too much, Stoughton's Great Cordial Elixer would take the edge off your hangover.ANDERSON's, or The Famous SCOTS PILLS; ARE faithfully prepared only by JAMES INGLISH, son of DAVID INGLISH, deceased... with his Name round it, and Isabella Inglish underneath the Shield in a Scroll.to prevent Counterfeits from Scotland, as well as in and about London, you are desired to take Notice, That the true Pills have their Boxes sealed on the Top (in Black Wax) with a Lyon Rampant, and Three Mullets Argent, Dr. This product was provided with a letter's patent, which was a type of patent granted by parliament in 1624 "to curb arbitrary actions like those of previous monarch (prior to King James II)." Anderson persuaded King James II to grant him a letter's patent for his pills, which meant that he had sole rights to his product so long as he supplied it to the king. This began a rivalry of the various people who claimed to make this remedy.(27, page 119) They were originally sold under the name spiritus salis volatilis oleosus, and later sal volatile drops, and then spiritus ammonia aromaticus. Sibilla Masters started production of this product in 1711 under the company name Sibilla Masters.She went to England to try to get her product patented, but she was rejected. Thomas Masters, to England, and he was granted a patent for the same product. Little is known about the product nor whether sales were successful." It was the first American patent. Bateman's Pectoral Drops: According to Griffenhagen and Iogard, it was the first medicine to be given a patent in Britain by the new rules set forth by parliament after the Glorious Revolution, and the second medicine patent was given to Stoughton's Great Cordial Elixir. The product was being regularly advertised by Okell in London by 1721, with advertising in the London Mercury that said: "Each bottle (was) sealed with the boar's head," on which was inscribed "By the King's Patent." (19, page 72) (22, page 334-336) Stoughton's Great Cordial Elixer: According to David Wondrich, in his 2007 book, Richard Stoughton owned an apothecary shop in London, and, in 1690, decided create his own proprietary medicine to "get in on the action." (17, page 169) It was an "alcohol infusion," and it was initially intended as a remedy for stomach and blood ailments, although "users seem to have discovered it was good for one set of symptoms in particular.

King Charles II may have also made his own version of the remedy in his own laboratory.

Considering the doses may vary depending on who makde the elixir, there is no true guarantee how much had been blended into the product. Jonathon Goddard invented this "famous elixir" as a result of performing chemical experiments. Goddard died in 1675 of apoplexy, in the street, on his way to his carriage.

(26, page 190) (29, page 52) and then the patent was taken over by his relatives. The recipes varied, and one version included "hartshorn, portions of the skull of a criminal who had been hanged, dried vipers bodies and other unmentionable substances." (22, page 334-336) The drops were recommended by Dr.

The authors of the magazine also include the following warning: In the Returns from the Coroners of England and Wales, made to the House of Commons in 1839, we find ten cases of death from Godfrey's Cordial, and one from Infant's Mixture. John Clarke mentions an infant destroyed by forty drops of Dalby's Carminative.—This is a before after picture for people who use patent medicine.

This was a window exhibit at a Chicago drug store used by Collier's to help Adams make his point.

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