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These stressors can lead to outcomes such as substance use, suicide, and recidivism.

This article will explore the issue of recidivism in corrections; discussion will include characteristics of corrections, reasons for recidivism, and the limitations presented to corrections in the treatment of mental health.

This article provides a brief overview of healthcare in the corrections environment and discusses factors that affect mental healthcare in prisons, such as characteristics of the prison population and social policy. He was never married, but has a 15-year-old daughter.

The article also addresses factors impacting mentally ill persons who are incarcerated, including access and barriers to mental health treatment and efforts to reduce recidivism. Records indicate there is no family history of drug/alcohol abuse or mental illness.

However, inmate X has an extensive substance abuse history beginning at the age of 11; he has admitted to abusing alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and hallucinogens.

Inmate X graduated high school, worked several jobs, and also served briefly in the United States Navy until his less than honorable discharge.

Shortly thereafter, inmate X has again been stabilized on medications and according to his reviewing treatment team, inmate X appears to be upholding qualities deeming him appropriate for society.

Inmate X was transferred to an open mental health unit and has been a stellar resident indicated by job performance, medication compliance, group attendance and cooperation with other peers.

Upon inmate X’s risk panel assessment he was deemed to no longer be a risk to society and was released from prison.

The United States prison system is the largest in the world.

Mental illness is disproportionately represented within this system where half of all incarcerated individuals have a mental illness, compared to 11% of the population.

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There are approximately 2.2 million pre-trial and 1.6 million post-trial inmates in county, state, and federal prisons; this equates to approximately 756 per 100,000 people incarcerated in the United States (Carson & Golinelli, 2013; Exworthy, Samele, Urquia & Forrester, 2012).

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