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I am worried they might reject me because of my shoulder operation... I just shot their helpdesk an email and they fixed it quickly.I can complete the fitness requirements no worries. Could also be they're updating your file so it's disabled while they do so.When it come to the numerical to move on to the next question there was a 10 second delay for everyone.

Just posted this before the last thread was closed , not sure if anyone would check back for it : Has anyone gone through selection process having had a shoulder reconstruction ?If i passed the oral then thumbs up I had My panel interview yesterday, I felt like I did well. Going by what others have said in this whole forum (all parts) this is the most likely outcome :( To the guys who sat the exam, I was wondering how they would do the oral test; sounds like it was shenanigans. Hope you guys went well today and if u you passed, welcome to the long arse wait! I would have thought whoever updates the your profile on the website would also email you to say yay or nay.I was comfortable and i had no trouble answering their questions. Also we had people talking through out the entire exam, including the people in charge. Just my thoughts, hope you get some positive news next week.Excolo, I gather you've had a decent amount of time in the organisation so far.Are you able to comment on ordinary long-term progression timelines, as in how long does it normally take for a person to reach First, Senior Constable, Sergeant etc. I know there's no way you can give accurate figures, but I'm interested to know what ballpark numbers might be if you have some idea.

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